CHICAGO FIRE Recap: Clean Up Acts

chicago fire

This week’s CHICAGO FIRE was an emotional one for Chili as she struggled with her alcohol addiction. Opening with her reception of  younger sister Jelly Bean’s box of belongings, the episode lets you know it will not be a light one. Taking a swig of vodka is how Chili started her morning, and getting to work her coworkers were unaware, chatting about the boxing match that the new Candidate will be in. The first call of the day comes in and it is a gunshot victim. However, it is the younger brother of the victim who saves the day. Chili and Brett work together to guide the young boy in the medical procedures to pack and secure his brother’s shotgun wound in his leg. So, at the very least, we know Brett and Chili are working well together again.

Unfortunately all does not stay well in Chili’s world, because after a talk with the chief about having two strikes, she heads to her car for another swig from her hidden stash. The second call of the day comes in and the entire squad heads out for a man trapped in a building and lying in a pool of ammonia. Despite the fact that the firefighters were able to pull him out, his throat was too badly burned from the acid, and they are unable to save him. Chili takes this news very poorly, throwing down her tools and stalking away from the scene.

Finally, after dropping dishes and sneaking out to her car for more, Severide confronts her by saying that she needs to tell Boyden about what is going on — or else he will. Chili — displaying great courage in doing the right thing — tells Boyden about what has been going on and promises to go to counseling and tearfully acknowledges that she will make the new system work for her. But, Boyden throws that dream out of the window. In an unexpectedly harsh response, he fires her. Angry and betrayed, Chili clears out her locker while the rest of 51 watches. Herman and Brett try to console her but she snaps at them, and heads home alone. Ultimately she calls back Severide for a ride to a rehabilitation center, and says she will call Herman and Brett to apologize. Although, she claims that once she gets out of rehab she won’t have a job or any friends, Severide assures her that friends forgive and are always there to help.

In other news, the boxing match didn’t go to well for our poor Candidate, as he was KO’d in the first round — not that anyone at 51 was really surprised. The only people who didn’t bet on him losing in round 1 were his amateur coaches, Dawson and Herman.

And finally, the last act that had to get cleaned up is the districts. Matt seems to be going political now in order to help the city — specifically his district — to the standards he wants. And although he put up some resistance throughout the episode — ever since the high school teacher came into the house asking him to run — I think we all knew that Matthew Casey would do the noble thing and run against the falsely caring suit who currently holds office.

Be sure to catch an all new CHICAGO FIRE on February 16 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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