SUPERNATURAL Preview: Seeking the Hand of God


The Winchesters celebrated Valentine’s Day this week on SUPERNATURAL by investigating the murders of several people who had had their hearts ripped out (so romantic, we know). A shapeshifter had killed a husband who was cheating on his wife with the babysitter (and killed the babysitter as well). It turns out that the man’s wife had dabbled in magic — courtesy of her white witch hairdresser — when she found out about the affair and the whole situation flew wildly out of control. When she herself was targeted, she called on the Winchesters for help. Dean kissed her and made himself a target and the shapeshifter — a manifestation of a curse and not a real shifter — turned into Dean’s “deepest, darkest desire” to come after him: Amara. After his latest encounter, Dean spilled the beans to his brother about the hold Amara has over him. Sam was understanding and didn’t blame Dean for it, but it’s clear he’s worried about his brother.

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In next week’s episode, the Winchester brothers seek out the Hand of God — a weapon that could help them defeat Amara. The last time it was seen was in the 1940s on a submarine. Fortunately, they have an angel (well, the devil disguised as an angel) to help send them back in time. Casifer — seeing the benefit of getting his hands on such a weapon — agrees to send Dean back to retrieve it before it ends up on the bottom of the ocean. But will Lucifer tell Sam he’s possessing Cas while Dean is away?

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