THE CATCH Preview: A Game of Cat and Mouse

the catch

THE CATCH has gone through some changes since the pilot was picked up last spring and it shows in the preview below. Originally created by Jennifer Schuur, she left the show over creative differences and GREY’S ANATOMY and SCANDAL alum Allan Heinberg took over as showrunner.

Mireille Enos stars as Alice Vaughan, a private investigator who gets conned by her own fiancĂ©, played by PARENTHOOD’s Peter Krause. The pilot was re-short with Krause, who replaced Damon Dayoub. Krause’s character steals Alice’s savings and heads back to his wife, Sonya Walger. But Alice won’t let this con go without retaliation and sets out to figure out exactly who fiancĂ© is.

THE CATCH premieres on Thursday, March 24 at 10/9c on ABC.

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