BILLIONS Sneak Peeks: Disappearing Act


Bobby “Axe” Axelrod made a stunning pronouncement at the end of last week’s BILLIONS when he seemingly shut down his fund. In this week’s episode he orders his traders to unload all of their positions and then he disappears from Axe Capital.

Naturally, that sends the firm into chaos. Has Axe decided to retire from the money came for good? As he’s MIA from the firm and planning a trip on his yacht, Wags and Wendy are left to hold down the fort and eventually Wendy reaches out to Axe to figure out what her old friend is up to.

Meanwhile Chuck learns about Axe’s disappearance and is confused as to the money man’s strategy. He goes into high gear to find out more and is eventually led to a farm in Iowa where he discovers a questionable trade and a key witness. Now armed with some solid evidence, Chuck heads to Axe Capital to make a very surprising arrest.

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