CASTLE Recap: A Russian Twist


This week’s episode of CASTLE had an international flavor to it, specifically that of Russian vodka… well, at least the Russian part. The victim of the week was Russian national Grigory, and finding his killer leads Beckett and her team down a series of old Soviet spies and diplomatic barriers. But they do get the help of a fun guest from the Russian security agency, and it turns out he is a big fan of the Nikki Heat books.

Unfortunately, after running into a dead end with a young, rich, and diplomatically immune suspect, Beckett decides she doesn’t want the jovial new Russian agent getting in the way. So to keep him occupied Castle is tasked with the New York City sightseeing tour, and coincidentally the two run into that same suspect and get new information. Apparently Grigory is looking into the car crash that killed his mother many years ago.

However, not all is as it seems, because after investigating further it turns out that a man was spotted outside the bed and breakfast Grigory was staying the night before he was killed. And that man was an old Soviet spy. Beckett decides not to share this information with their Russian liaison and for good reason, because handcuffing Castle and highjacking their car, the foreign agent kidnaps the old Soviet spy and is about to torture him for information. Luckily, Castle is there and instead of torture uses his intellect (along with clues found in the old spies jacket) to determine an assassin is sneaking into a gala later that evening.

Deciding that their Russian counterpart is still playing for the side of justice, they all team up to infiltrate the gala. But when Beckett dives to save the man in the sniper’s line of fire, another man still ends up suffering a bullet wound. Now the question is who was the sniper; and their only clue is a Russian model sniper rifle from the 80’s. And funnily enough, it is in the middle of watching Rita (Castle’s step-mom) question the Russian working with Beckett and her team that Castle gives Kate the big break in the case. Castle is complaining that Beckett withholding information about Lockstat is getting old…really old. And that sets off the lightbulb that the rifle is much older than the model a normal assassin would use.

It turns out Grigory’s mom is not dead after all, and she was the sniper who fired at the gala. She wasn’t aiming for the man who actually ended up getting shot, but if Beckett hadn’t interfered would actually have put a bullet through her own husband. He was the one who killed Grigory who apparently was not biologically his son.

With the mystery solved the only question is of punishment and because Grigory’s father is such a powerful politician, with diplomatic immunity, the government simply sends him back to his country to pay a small fine. Outraged, Beckett demands that he be brought to justice, but there is just one piece of “Russian Justice” that she is missing. As their liaison explains, there is a small town in Russia that is the coldest place on Earth, and as he describes it “worse than prison”…which is exactly where their killer is getting sent. So, it turns out justice is served and the guilty party will live out the rest of his days in a frozen, isolated prison. To celebrate Castle and Beckett decide to do a little more than kiss in the back room of the Russian consulate.

Don’t forget to catch an all new CASTLE on Monday February 22, 2016 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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