CHICAGO FIRE Recap: People Skills

chicago fire

On this week’s CHICAGO FIRE the team got a couple new members. The first is a grumpy, anger-ridden paramedic here to replace Chili who, even though they only went on one call, managed to severely annoy omni-pleasant Brett. The other new member was a bit more dramatic as their arrival meant that Candidate Jimmy was to be cut from Firehouse 51. After a day of thinking he would be downgraded to a floating position, the team found a solution: get rid of the new paramedic with the terrible attitude, have Jimmy stay on as the in-house paramedic with Brett, and keep the new Firefighter (who happens to be an awesome old friend of Dawson’s) that Brass assigned them. All is well. Except for the fact that, while everyone still thought Borelli was leaving, Brett declared to Jimmy that she has a huge crush on him. This new partnership may be a bit awkward.

The case this week also had some drama in that it centered around another Firehouse. After getting called to an injured Firefighter who supposedly fell from the roof, the team rushes him to the hospital where he falls into a coma. Cruz notices that although on the scene the victim’s fellow firemen said that they were both on the roof trying to help, the Truck onsite was in position for an aerial. This meant that given the position of the ladder, no one could have gotten to the roof, let alone both of them.

This disparity in reports sets off a conflict, with Cruz and Severide writing up the report based on what they saw and believe are the facts, while the opposing Firehouse sticks with their story. It isn’t until the critical nature of the coma is illuminated that the other Fireman finally confesses that he was lying. Once they determine the real story (that the man seemed to lose his balance on the ladder) they realize he has an underlying condition that not only caused the fall, but also the coma. The doctors are able to perform surgery and he will be okay.

Finally, Casey has an eventful time with his new political career. The first task is getting enough signatures for him to make it onto the ballet, then he gets some financial aid from a seemingly well-intentioned group of wealthy local families. After meeting with some gang-leaders and realizing that they want him to get some police cameras removed from a street corner, he walks out — sticking to his morals and saying he isn’t the guy they want. Finally, during a fancy meet-and-greet dinner, the group that recently began funding Casey’s campaign reveals that — in exchange — they want him to rezone a few blocks for commercial use. When he refuses the spokesperson for that group threatens him, claiming that if he doesn’t agree then their money and support will got to Matt’s competition and he will get buried.

But how could they hate a guy who saved a kitten on a call (which Matt did when the team was called to a fire at a couples home)?

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