SUPERNATURAL Preview: Getting Into the Ring


Dean and Sam got a lead on a weapon they could use against Amara in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. Unfortunately, the “Hand of God” had been sunk on a submarine during WWII en route to the U.S. and the Men of Letters. So the Winchesters decided to call on Cas (or Casifer, as we know him to be) for some help. He agreed to send Dean back into the past to retrieve the weapon before the sub sunk. While Dean tried to locate the Woman of Letters on the ship and convince her he was from the future, Cas remained behind with Sam after being unable to accompany Dean due to the warding on the ship.

As Dean retrieved the weapon (which turned out to be a piece of the Ark of the Covenant), Sam found a spell that could help bring Dean back and get around the warding. As the Germans attacked the sub, Lucifer decided to reveal himself to Sam and used the power of his soul to help bring Dean back. But Castiel stopped Lucifer before he could kill Sam. Dean managed to make his way back to the present and Dean immediately discovered that Lucifer was loose. Unfortunately for the Winchesters, the artifact’s power was depleted and was rendered useless to them.

In the next episode, Sam and Dean decide to take a little break from their search for Amara when Dean reads an obituary for a wrestler from their childhood. The brothers head to the funeral to pay their respects and come across a few interesting wrestling personalities, including Shawn Harley (guest star Mike “The Miz” Mizanin), a hot shot new wrestler with a fiery temper who pushes everyone’s buttons, and veteran wrestler Gunner Lawless (guest star Aleks Paunovic). They decide to attend the next match so they can re-live their childhood memories but another wrestler soon turns up dead, leading the Winchesters to believe they have a case on their hands.

Don’t miss an all new episode of SUPERNATURAL on February 24 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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