THE 100 Sneak Peeks: The Choices We Make

the 100

We’re now past all the introductory episodes and more than a quarter of the way into season 3 of THE 100, and so the drama is about to ramp up as the various storylines start coming together. As bad as everything was before, it’s all about to get much worse.

In this week’s episode, titled “Hakeldama” or “Field of Blood,” Clarke finally returns to Arkadia and Skaikru, just in time to learn that Bellamy has made a big mistake with Chancellor Pike. In their haste to get revenge on the Grounders for what happened to Pike’s people at Mount Weather, they kill a whole group of soldiers sent by Lexa to protect them. New acts of war may turn former allies into enemies, putting Bellamy at odds even with his sister Octavia.

Jaha also returns to Arkadia in this episode with A.L.I.E. in tow, promising a better future without pain. No one’s really buying it, least of all Pike who goes toe to toe with Jaha over the idea. Only Raven seems intrigued by having a way to escape her physical ailments, which rear their ugly head this week when Abby doesn’t clear her for work with medical. She may be the first to sign up for Jaha’s brave new world, followed by Jasper who continues to drown in despair over Maya’s death.

Can Bellamy be redeemed? How will Clarke avoid an all out war? And still what’s the deal with the City of Light? What part will Murphy play in all this? Watch sneak peeks below for this week’s episode of THE 100 and tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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