BILLIONS Sneak Peeks: Will Axe Fall?


Is it judgement day for Bobby Axelrod and Axe Capital on this week’s BILLIONS? Chuck Rhodes seems to think it is and he’s convinced that he is the man to take Axe down.

Axe is spoiling for a fight with Chuck and he wants to engage in a scorched-earth defense, but that could threaten his relationship with Wendy. And Lara is also concerned about what this investigation could do to hurt their family.

But the tide may be turning, because Chuck’s interrogation of Dollar Bill doesn’t go exactly as planned. And soon Chuck feels political pressure to recuse himself in the face of a long legal battle.

Enter Wendy, who is caught in the middle and starts engaging in diplomacy to facilitate a deal that could benefit both men. But in order to finalize her deal, Chuck and Axe have to meet. Is it a good idea to put these two powerful men in the same room together?

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