CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Rebecca and Josh Work Together

crazy ex-girlfriend

Rebecca uses a situation at Josh’s apartment to rekindle their friendship in this week’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND. But now that more people are wise to Rebecca’s manipulation, will this situation end in disaster too? Here is what you can expect from “Josh and I Work on a Case!”:

A Romantic Dinner? Rebecca’s been depressed since her last failed encounter with Josh, but Paula has been watching a lot of APOLLO 13 lately and she skillfully arranges it so that Rebecca and Josh will end up going out to dinner that week (seriously, Paula is a genius!). It’s at this dinner that Rebecca learns that Josh’s apartment hasn’t had hot water for weeks. And since his landlord doesn’t seem to care, that gives Rebecca an opportunity to work with Josh *and* be a hero. But before Rebecca realizes that she can exploit the situation, Josh’s friends show up to ruin their intimate dinner. Rebecca also overhears Josh telling his friend that he’s feeling uncomfortable with Rebecca lately and that’s why he invited them along.

Going Back to the Way Things Were. After the disappointment of the night before, Rebecca figures out that she can use Josh’s hot water situation to get closer to him. Valencia and Josh are invited into the office to discuss the situation and both are attracted to the possibility of recovering damages from their landlord. But Valencia is immediately wary of the situation since she suspects Rebecca is up to no good and refuses to go along with it.

Not Into Rebecca. Greg remains a Rebecca-negative factor in Josh’s life, telling his friend not to be sucked in by this water case and insisting that Rebecca is in to Josh and manipulating him. But Josh is immediately defensive, insisting he can take care of himself. And yet, when Rebecca finds a loophole that could result in the whole building suing the landlord, Josh still won’t agree. But Rebecca pursues the situation further and eventually convinces Josh to go along with the case. Rebecca should be concerned, however, because there are people now conspiring to turn Josh against her.

Getting Close at the Gym. Darryl, meanwhile, is taking his obsession with White Josh to new levels when he hires him to act as his new trainer. But things take a turn for the awkward when Daryl learns something about White Josh and then Darryl learns something about himself.

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