LUCIFER Teasers: Fashion, Rivalries and a Brush With Mortality


We open this week’s LUCIFER with the devil and Maze enjoying a fashion show. Maze expresses concern about Lucifer’s recent brush with mortality (i.e. Chloe shooting him and causing him to bleed), but Lucifer is just thrilled about the whole situation. When shots ring out at the show and an innocent bystander ends up dead, a possible gang war and another consulting job with the LAPD follow. Here is more of what to expect from this week’s LUCIFER:

Can’t Escape Him. Chloe assures Dan that Lucifer is out of her life and was nothing more than a mystery she wanted solved. Naturally, that lasts all of three seconds because he’s at the police station to see her boss and get in on the exciting action — as he bluntly tells her, he wants to use this case as a way to explore his mortality. But she’s not too eager to just help him explore new pastures and so he makes a little tit-for-tat deal with her: if she lets him work on cases, he’ll help her move up the police ladder.

From Gang Member to Fashion King. Benny Choi is the fashion icon whose show was ruined by gunshots and, of course, Lucifer is the man (er…devil) who helped him get his start. So when Chloe questions him about what he saw at the crime scene, Lucifer forces Benny to detail his gang-related past and the fact that a rival gang may have been involved in the shooting.

Being Ostracized. We first heard about the Palmetto case that caused trouble for Chloe back in the pilot and we’ll revisit it again tonight….at least, we’ll revisit the fallout. When Chloe agrees to take Lucifer to a cop bar, we see how hostile other members of the force are towards her, especially the partner of the man she thinks is a dirty cop.

Unlikely Partners. Amenadiel and Maze meet again this week, but this time it’s just to talk. Maze tells Amenadiel she just wants to go home, but since Lucifer no longer confides in her she doesn’t know any weak spots the heavenly angel can exploit to force the devil to return to hell. What she does give up is a name: Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer’s new confidante. And so Amenadiel sets his sights on the shrink in an attempt to find out more about Lucifer. Maze, meanwhile, proves that she’s there to protect Lucifer from anything…or anyone.

Don’t miss an all new episode of LUCIFER tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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