THE X-FILES Season Finale Sneak Peeks: This is the End

the x-files

The newest — and shortest — season of THE X-FILES is about to come to an end with another mythology-based episode that has Mulder and Scully fighting a new twist on an old conspiracy. Now it’s all about a “conspiracy of men”, as Gillian Anderson hints.

Conspiracy theorist and web-TV show host Tad O’Malley (guest star Joel McHale) returns in the finale, sporting out dangerous accusations that, while possibly true, has awakened powerful enemies. According to O’Malley, there is alien DNA inside every human. Suddenly people all over the country are falling gravely ill, inciting panic as to whether humanity is dying. This illness causes Scully to look within herself to try and find a cure.

Meanwhile, Mulder goes missing after a big fight and confronts the man he believes is behind all of this (the Cigarette Smoking Man?). But it’s actually another person from Mulder and Scully’s past that could be their salvation.

Also making guest appearances in the finale are Annabeth Gish as Monica Reyes, Robbie Amell as Agent Miller and Lauren Ambrose as Agent Einstein.

Don’t miss the season finale of THE X-FILES tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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