CHICAGO MED Sneak Peek: A Possible Outbreak?

chicago med

The doctors of CHICAGO MED deal with anti-vaxxers, contagious bacteria, and the possibility of an outbreak this week.

Doctors Manning and Halstead come up against parents who are against vaccinations, which poses a rather frustrating problem for the doctors as they tend to their daughter who came into the hospital with contagious bacteria. With limited options, the doctors need to find a way to avoid an outbreak and save the little girl all while dealing with some stubborn parents.

Elsewhere on CHICAGO MED, Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Choi face some tough options as they have to deal with a patient’s heart condition and try to come to terms with the patient’s final decision.

While some of the doctors are dealing with thwarting a potential outbreak, Reese tends to a new patient that comes in with some odd marks on his skin and though the doctors think they have it figured out, she and Dr. Zanetti discover they may have gotten it wrong.

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