FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peek: The Future

fresh off the boat

On this week’s episode of FRESH OFF THE BOAT it looks like the boys get to thinking about their future. While Evan gets Jessica’s approval when his school-assigned diagnostic test says he will become Surgeon General, ¬†Emery isn’t so lucky when his result of flight attendant earns him Jessica’s remark of “they are the homeless of the sky”. She is right, they don’t even get seats on the plane!

Still thinking about the future, when a famous tennis player picks up on Emery’s natural talent and suggests he could go far, Jessica jumps at the chance to buy him a lesson. But will it be enough to make him as big as Chang, the tennis champion in the Australian open (and the Huang family’s household superstar)?

Tune in to a new FRESH OFF THE BOAT tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC to find out!

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