NCIS: NEW ORLEANS Sneak Peeks: Give All My Secrets Away

NCIS NOLA photo s2e16 Second Chances

THE MENTALIST’s Samaire Armstrong guest stars tonight on NCIS: NEW ORLEANS as Sonja’s childhood friend, Marion Watkins.

Since transferring to NCIS: NEW ORLEANS from ATF, Sonja Percy (Shalita Grant) has been guarded about her private life.  Not surprising after working undercover for years, but it is a bit unusual for the NCIS family who shares with each other more than a typical workplace.

Lasalle (Lucas Black) is worried because Sonja has been gone for weeks and is not returning his texts.  Brody (Zoe McClellan) has become concerned more recently.  Pride (Scott Bakula) advised Percy to get closure, but never expected her to turn up on the wrong end of a drug sting.

After tracking stolen Navy TNT to a warehouse, the NCIS: NEW ORLEANS team uncovers a domestic drug ring that is producing cocaine, and the ringleader is none other than Sonja’s friend, Marion.

Is Sonja undercover, or did she get pulled in to an old friendship with bad results?  Hard to say at first blush…Percy and her secrets are not parted easily.

Does it have anything to do with Chief Petty Officer Jim Tobin (guest star Mike Mayhall) being impaled on rebar at a construction site?  Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) knows one thing for sure…he took a flying leap to get there.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS also stars Rob Kerkovich and Daryl ‘Chill’ Mitchell.

Other guest stars on tonight’s episode, “Second Chances,” are Joe Holt, Jayson Warner Smith, James Evermore, Cindy Hogan, Jaynee-Lynee Kinchen, Kristina Emerson, Maureen Brennan, Oscar Gale, Taylor Faye Ruffin, Adam Larrabee and Michael Scott.

“Second Chances” was written by Zach Strauss and directed by Tessa Blake.

NCIS: NEW ORLEANS airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS in the U.S. and Global TV in Canada.

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