CHICAGO FIRE Recap: Politics and Strippers

chicago fire

This week’s CHICAGO FIRE had all sorts of drama — from political conflict, a kidnapped child, to the bachelor party for one of 51’s own.

Let’s start with Casey. Poor Casey, seems to have gotten a little over his head in the political realm. First his opponent shows him up at a breakfast event, then the group of gangsters comes back pushing their agenda to get cameras taken off the street corners. And, finally, Beck puts up posters that frame Casey’s mom as a murderer, putting Casey’s whole agenda into question. All of this extra, negative attention has forced the Firehouse to face consequences, like the “Friends of Firefighters” event being moved to another house. Another candidate would have dropped out, but Casey isn’t a quitter and — after showing up to a call for a kid who was stabbed in front of the high school for selling drugs — he goes right back to work confronting Beck and promising that he will beat him come election time.

Meanwhile, Brett had her own trials to deal with. During their first call (a car crash), a young boy said from the backseat that he wanted to go to his mom’s house — but upon reaching the hospital his father claimed his wife was dead. Following her gut, Brett called in a few favors with the medical staff and police, discovering that the child had an amber alert out on him. Running outside, they catch the father and son just in time. But as he is being handcuffed and taken away, he claims the boy’s mother is an addict, unable to care for herself, let alone her son. This story seemed to be confirmed when the mother brought her son back to thank the paramedics who saved him, but was itching. When Brett confronted her about, she became agitated, violent and almost aggressive. Unfortunately, there was no clear resolution to this particular boy’s story and viewers just have to hope that the mother doesn’t carry through her threat to get Brett fired.

Finally, after all the threats and gloom there were some bright spots in this week’s episode. Mouch’s bachelor party was the talk of the Firehouse. But when he reveled that Trudy’s brother-in-law was going to be the Best Man, the others in the station were a bit offended. And when they met her brother-in-law (and heard his plans for the nerdiest bachelor party ever) they were extremely disappointed. It wasn’t until they walked into the hotel suite prepared to watch all three Lord of the Rings movies that the truth was reveled. Inside was the bachelor parties of all bachelor parties and the “disappointed” crew of Firefighters had been in on the plan the whole time. Trudy was the mastermind and with strippers, drinks, and whipped cream the boys came out the next morning with only one question: “What just happened?”

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