Late Night Wars: A Roundup of the Best Bits From Last Night’s Late Shows


As the competition for late night supremacy heats up, your very own TV Addict has noticed two things as of late. (1) More time in our morning than we care to admit is spent procrastonating from doing actual work catching up on funny bits from the previous night’s shows. And (2) we generally fall asleep on our couch far too earlier than we care to admit! As such, we thought it might be fun to put some of our web surfing to good use by sharing an occasional round up of all the late night bits we missed.

James Cordon shares our Starbucks rage, sort of!

Bill & Melinda Gates’ Viral Video:

Clueless Gamer: “Far Cry Primal” With PewDiePie and Conan

Too out of touch to grasp what the internet is buzzing about today, Ellen explains “Damn, Daniel”

Ellen Pompeo is Not Part of Taylor Swift’s Squad

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