SUPERNATURAL Preview: The World is Gonna Burn


Sam and Dean Winchester decided to take a break from hunting this week on SUPERNATURAL and attended the funeral of an old wrestler they had liked when they were kids. With the next match soon upon them, the boys decided to relive some fond childhood memories and stuck around. But it became clear something strange was happening when someone else turned up dead and his body bore a strange mark. Sam seemed convinced that they had stumbled upon a case so they stayed in town to investigate. While Sam went back to the motel to research some lore, Dean headed to the local bar to talk to the wrestlers. It turned out that some of the wrestlers were making deals with a demon (including Dean’s childhood hero) and killing people for him in exchange. The Winchesters arrived and dispatched the demon, but Dean’s hero got dragged off to Hell by hellhounds when his deal came due.

Meanwhile, Crowley continued to be debased by Casifer until one of his minions helped him escape captivity and get back into his old clothes. He also headed to his personal locker that contained the Rod of Aaron (given to the brother of Moses by God). But it turns out that his minion had double-crossed him and led Lucifer to his personal stash. Of course, don’t count Crowley down and out, because he double-crossed Lucifer and took God’s power inside of himself via the staff. Unfortunately, the power was one and done and Crowley wasted it on the minion.

SUPERNATURAL is heading in to a month-long hiatus, but the Darkness is returning when the show comes back and the world is in for a lot of trouble according to Dean.

SUPERNATURAL returns with all new episodes on March 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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