SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: Bit by the Wrestling Bug


Dean Winchester is a fan of many things on SUPERNATURAL: medical dramas, pie and now wrestling. In this week’s episode, the Winchester brothers decide to take a break from the serious when Dean learns that a wrestler he and Sam used to watch on TV when they were kids passed away.

As you can see from the sneak peek below, the Winchester brothers travel to the funeral to pay their respects and Dean gets nervous when he comes face-to-face with his hero: Gunner Lawless.

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The brothers decide to stick around after the funeral to attend a wrestling match, but Sam soon wonders if they’ve stumbled on a case once he notices that a lot of the wrestlers keep dying.

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  • deangrimly

    Clarissa: Enjoyed this episode because of its break in the “action,” if even for
    the moment. Why is “Dean lamest?” Don’t understand this comment.

    Considering that the last few “fun” things the boys did
    included Dean eating a powdered doughnut and Sam having a fling with
    Piper in the back of Baby, the guys deserved to have some relief! We
    all, as fans, should refuse to grinch out over S11.15. It was
    excellent, and I liked it a lot! Thanks, SPN writers, directors, and
    producers. You rock! [Ref. My same comment in BuddyTV #Supernatural recap.]