CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: Fake Boyfriends, a Class Action and an Arch-Nemesis

crazy ex-girlfriend

Last week’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND ended on a cliffhanger when Rebecca came face-to-face with her fake boyfriend, courtesy of Valencia. How will she manage to talk her way out of this precarious position? Read on for teasers from this week’s episode.

Happy to Play Along. Fortunately, Rebecca randomly chose one of the most clever and fast-acting fake boyfriends in the history of fake boyfriends and Trent immediately plays along when she kisses him and pretends they’re dating. But here’s the kicker: Trent knows Rebecca from school and he’s been in love for her for forever, which is why he went along with her ruse. And then shows up in her house. And so now Rebecca’s fake boyfriend wants to become her real boyfriend which, as you can imagine, could be a problem, especially when he threatens to tell the truth to Valencia if she doesn’t agree to give him a chance.

A Bigger Case Than They Thought. As Rebecca narrowly avoids disaster courtesy of Trent’s appearance, she also tells Josh what she found out in the sewers and convinces him that this case is far bigger than they thought. They reconvene over at Whitefeather and plan their next steps: they’re going to turn this case into the “largest class action L.A. County has ever seen,” according to Rebecca.

Enter Audra Levine. As the Whitefeather team gathers more plaintiffs for their case, the utility company sends in the big guns: lawyers from NYC headed by Audra Levine (Rebecca’s arch-nemesis). They’ve arrived to announce that there will be no settlement offer because they’re convinced Rebecca doesn’t have a case. And while Rebecca puts on a brave face for Josh and her co-workers, it’s clear she’s scared to go up against Audra. After a scare that the other plaintiffs won’t show up in court, Rebecca gathers her allies and enters the courthouse to do battle against the big city lawyers.

Revelations. Daryl’s kiss with White Josh and the discovery that he’s bisexual from last week hasn’t backfired. In fact, the pair kiss again in the gym and Daryl suggests they head to Los Angeles for a date. But White Josh realizes that Daryl is trying to keep his bisexuality under wraps and doesn’t want to go on a date where people might recognize him. So he tells Daryl he refuses to head back into the closet for the sake of their budding relationship.

New Colleagues. Greg, meanwhile, seems done with Valencia’s vendetta against Rebecca when Trent plays along and he turns his focus on to his own relationship. Specifically, he gets Heather a job at his bar, which forces the two of them into close quarters. Can their relationship survive working together?

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