Secrets & Lies: Floriana Lima Introduces Us to ABC’s Sudsy New Series THE FAMILY


Tonight at 9:00 the highly anticipated ABC series, THE FAMILY premieres. The show centers on the Warren family, whose youngest son, Adam mysteriously disappears and is presumed dead. After a decade of unanswered questions, he reappears and turns the town and the Warren family’s lives upside down. Determined journalist, Bridey is eager to learn more about the mysterious reappearance of Adam and is willing to go to great lengths to find out the truth. I caught up with Floriana Lima who portrays the driven reporter about how her character will interact with Adam this season, what drew her to Bridey as a character, and what we can look forward to in tonight’s premiere.

What can you tell us about your new show, THE FAMILY?
Floriana Lima: It’s a drama full of twists and turns, secrets and deceit, following the return of a politician’s son who was presumed dead after being kidnapped 10 years earlier.  Things get pretty crazy and we see that the family knows more than they’re letting on.

Your character Bridey is a reporter who is trying to find out what happened to Adam (Liam James).  What drew you to Bridey as a character?  How will we get to know her this season? 
I was drawn to Bridey because she’s such a ballsy, career driven, go-getter, who wants to be seen as a legitimate journalist. She is willing to do literally anything to get a lead on the Adam Warren story, and that to me, seemed like a really fun role to get to play with. You’ll see her use her resources to draw out some of the dark secrets the family is keeping, and it gets rather interesting and twisted. You’ll also come to realize that she has a few moral dilemmas of her own along the way.

How will we see Bridey interact with Adam this season?  How will she get involved with his case? 
Bridey is studying Adam on the periphery through her resources.  She’s looking at everything from a different perspective and stumbles upon some important things that get her closer and closer to piecing together the truth.

Aside from Bridey, what character are you most excited to learn more about this season? 
Willa Warren played by Alison Pill, she’s definitely weird and hiding some things.  There is more there, for sure.

Are there any scenes or episodes you’re really excited for people to see this season? Anything with Bridey that you can tease from future episodes? 
Every episode has something new that will keep you wanting to get more of the story.  Without giving away too much, I would say episode 4 “Feathers or Steel” is where things get crazy, my character gets really involved, and things start to come to light.

What shows are you loving on TV right now? 
I just got caught up with MR. ROBOT, which I love, and also, VEEP, BROAD CITY, and THE WALKING DEAD, which are all so good.

You can watch the series premiere of THE FAMILY tonight at 9:00 on ABC. You can also follow Floriana on Twitter at @florianalima

Photo Credit: Rowan Daly

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