THE 100 Sneak Peeks: Blood Must Have Blood

the 100

Season 3 of THE 100 has been pretty divisive amongst fans of the show, to say the least. But as we near the midpoint of this season, the story is about to change even more drastically. This week’s episode, titled “Thirteen,” and penned by well-known screenwriter Javier Grillo-Marxuach (Lost, The Middleman), finally brings together the stories of Polis, City of Light and Arkadia that have so far been kept mostly separate.

What we know about the world of the show is about to change forever this week with some surprising reveals. Thanks to flashbacks, we’ll journey back to the time of the apocalypse that sent the original 13 colonies into space. We’ll learn about the 13th station of the Ark, what became of them, and how they fit into what we learned last week about PoLarIS from Titus and Murphy.

Meanwhile back in the present day, Lexa continues to face a wall in regards to Clarke’s new oath that “blood must not have blood.” Her relationship with Clarke could prove to be her undoing, as the clans believe her feelings have clouded her judgement. They call for vengeance for the death of their people, and Lexa is the only one standing in their way of getting it.

What happened to the 13th station? How does it all tie into the City of Light? Can Lexa maintain peace and order within the clans? Watch sneak peeks below for this week’s episode of THE 100 and tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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