THE 100 Recap: May We Meet Again, [SPOILER]… May We Meet Again

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[Before we start this recap, please be aware that there are major spoilers ahead. And I mean gigantic spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.]

The Commander is no more on THE 100. It is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I tell you that Lexa from TriKru is dead.

I am still in shock that they actually killed her and I don’t even know how to go about this recap. “Thirteen” told us how the Earth as we know it ended, whose fault it was, and the origin of the long standing tradition of the Commander of the Twelve Clans. It also completely – and I mean completely – shattered my heart.

Let’s first talk about the flashbacks because I still need to sort out my emotions about what happened in present time.

We got a glimpse of the thirteenth station and what actually transpired in there that made the other twelve stations turn on it on Unity Day. It turns out that the woman in red that has been Jaha’s BFF in the City of Light is actually a mirror image of Beca, the scientist responsible for its creation. The first version of the A.I. – that the lady in red wants to find so badly – was actually what caused the apocalypse. The end of the world as we know it originated from a virus that launched several missiles into different points on Earth, effectively erasing most of mankind from existence.

But it didn’t stop there. Beca said she had a 2.0 version of this A.I. and that this one would save them all. This one would understand them at a biological level and they needed to unleashed it on the other twelve stations. The Commander of the 13th station obviously thought she had gone completely bonkers and told her so, but she locked herself into a escape pod and dropped down to Earth with this new version of the A.I., while the other twelve stations nuked Polaris.

She arrived at a completely destroyed Earth and found survivors. And that is how Beca, aka the woman in red, became the first Commander. But we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

Let’s talk about Lexa.

I can’t get over it. I really can’t. Lexa had gone from a character that I absolutely hated to a character that I absolutely loved. And now she is dead. I can’t believe they did it. I am still in shock. Much like GAME OF THRONES, it seems that no one is safe on THE 100. No one. Not even Heda. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s try to do this in a somewhat chronological order.

Remember how Murphy was captured a couple of episodes back? Yeah, turns out he was taken to Titus, who proceeded to question him in the most painful way possible about the key to the City of Light he had in his possession. You know, that little blue pill Jaha has been handing out in Arkadia. Murphy swears he knows nothing about it, only what Jaha told him, but Titus in relentless; he needs to know why a member of the SkaiKru has come to possess something with the symbol of the Commander.

“Thirteen” was really an episode about Titus. He had the best of intentions and he wanted to protect his people, but he went about it all wrong. He tried to force the issue that Lexa was making a huge mistake when she signed up for Clarke’s “blood must not have blood” philosophy, and brought before the Commander the Chief of the village Pike had meant to attack last week. The guy had also brought Octavia with him as a hostage, which made Clarke immediately jump to her defense. The Chief demanded justice and revenge from the Commander. After all, the Sky People had slaughtered their army and had left them defenseless. They deserved justice. They had a right to avenge their people.

But Lexa wouldn’t listen to Titus and wouldn’t listen to this guy. She decided that an army from the twelve clans would surround Arkadia, giving them no way out and no way conquer land, like Pike was planning to. And if any member of SkaiKru were to try to go through the blockage, the army would be ordered to kill on sight. However, the Chief of the village was not happy and called for an attack on the Commander, which Titus immediately put an end to by shoving a knife into his gut. He, then, turned to Lexa and recited their well known motto: Jus drein jus daun! Blood must have blood!

Meanwhile, Clarke managed to get Octavia released, but the girl wanted her to try and lift the kill order Lexa gave to the army. Octavia begs Clarke to go back to Arkadia with her, that they need her now more than ever. Clarke promises her she will go with her, but she will try to reason with Lexa first. She goes to the Commander and Lexa knows she is not happy about the kill on sight order against her people. They are just starting to get into it, but Titus interrupts. Lexa tells him Clarke is welcome to stay and the man obviously disagrees, asking Clarke to give them some privacy to talk.

When Clarke leaves, Titus tells Lexa this is the only way she will be safe – if Clarke goes back to her people. Lexa stands up to him saying she is more than capable to separate duty from feelings, and this scene right here shot me straight through the heart. This is how Lexa converted me into a believer – Alycia Debnam-Carey’s performance. Right at that moment, she exuded so much strength and power and it was hard to believe this was coming from someone so young. This was how she made me believe and support Lexa as the Commander and as an amazingly complex character.

And this is why I am so devastated that she is gone.

When Clarke comes back to say goodbye and they kiss and then they sleep together, I just knew something bad was about to happen. Everything was happening too quickly and there was no way this was going to go unpunished. The next morning, when Clarke returns to her quarters and finds Murphy there, Titus is determined to end this once and for all. Like I said, he had the best of intentions – he just wanted to save his Commander. Clarke wants to get Murphy out and tells Titus so, that she is going back to Arkadia, but the man has a gun and he starts shooting aimlessly, trying to hit Clarke, and everything is happening so fast.

And then. 

The door opens. A bullet hits Lexa.

I swear my heart nearly stopped. I knew then that our Commander was not going to make it and my heart was shattered into a million tiny pieces. Clarke tries to save her, tries to stop the bleeding, but they all know it’s no use. And then Lexa is gone and Clarke is crying and I’m crying, and then – as if what we had just experienced wasn’t enough – Titus turns Lexa onto her stomach and cuts the back of her neck open, pulling something out of it. Something he calls the spirit of the Commander.

And it’s the freaking A.I. Beca created and brought to Earth 97 years ago.

Now, please, excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep.

A new episode of THE 100 airs on March 10 at 9/8C on The CW.




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