BILLIONS Sneak Peeks: After the Failed Deal


Axe runs into quite a bit of trouble that doesn’t even involve the US Attorney’s office in this week’s BILLIONS. After another resident of the Hamptons drives Axe and Lara’s kids home drunk, Axe rushes to his house and punches him. But the situation backfires when an edited video of the incident gets sent to a reporter and the police get involved.

Over at the US Attorney’s office, Chuck continues to conceal his involvement with the case. And Spiros is making demands that he take a larger role now that Chuck has recused himself. Of course, Chuck has an ace up his sleeve that could put Spiros in his place. Wendy, meanwhile, isn’t sure who to believe about how the deal she brokered between Axe and Chuck fell apart and starts to question her husband’s role in it. She also meets with an attractive headhunter to consider a career change — but something more than a job opportunity arises.

And Connerty manages to turn a member of Axe’s inner circle into an informant, which means that the case against Axe Capital has just gained a powerful weapon.

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