QUANTICO Teasers: Alex Stands Alone


It’s been several months since the bombing of the FBI command center when QUANTICO returns and we’ll learn pretty quickly which important characters passed away in the bombing.

As for the people who are still alive, things have become complicated. A government hearing has been convened to try and figure out what happened and, most importantly, who was behind the attacks.

Alex believes that Elias was manipulated and didn’t act alone. Now free and living in Williamsburg, she’s insistent that a “mastermind” was behind the attacks and Elias was just a patsy. And her views are picking up momentum, as quite a few people believe her.

Unfortunately, several important people don’t believe her, including Claire Haas and her former FBI colleagues. Despite hearing what Elias said before his death, many of the other agents don’t believe he was manipulated and they haven’t been able to find any proof of a broader conspiracy in the months since the bombings. And Shelby is still furious that Alex exposed her affair with Clayton, making her a pariah. All of this means that Alex is isolated once again.

Meanwhile, back at the FBI training academy, the women have decided they’ve spent enough time being jerked around by the men in their lives and are determined to re-focus on training. Enter the “upper class”, a new group of NATs who are one month ahead of the training class we know. Immediately, the two classes are pit against each other. Among the new trainees we’ll meet are Drew, a former NFL player, Will, a former rocket scientist, and Iris, a former entrepreneur who likes to fight dirty. There’s also an interesting new development in the case of Shelby’s “sister”.

Finally, Miranda’s son Charlie is still recovering from his recent kidnapping and is generally being uncooperative as his mother and the FBI try to track down the terrorist cell that took him.

Don’t miss the return of QUANTICO tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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