CASTLE Sneak Peeks: Greatest Detective Society


There’s a lot coming on this week’s CASTLE. First we see Castle, Haylee, and Alexis in LA at their hotel-turned-home base while they investigate the 8 weeks Castle believed he spent in LA when missing last year. That is when a note arrives for a Mr. Castle asking him to help with a dead body. This note is from the Greatest Detective Society, an organization rumored to have hosted the greats like Arthur Conan Doyle. Our great detective decides to put his original plans on hold to go see the body.

Apparently the investigation leads him to his old studio, the one who produced Heat Wave. There he talks to the current executive who says that the victim was undercover trying to investigate one of their directors who was “supposed” to be shooting the night of the murder. We will have to see if Castle is able to close this case for the great, mythical society, and if he is able to get any more information on his disappearance.

Watch an all new CASTLE tonight (March 7) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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