CRAZY Ex-GIRLFRIEND Teasers: After the Kiss

crazy ex-girlfriend

Rebecca and Josh finally kissed on last week’s CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, but what happens next? Do they kiss again? Is their relationship over before it even begins? We’ve got some teasers for you below.

A Romantic Comedy. It’s interesting to see the juxtaposition of Rebecca and Josh’s reactions to the kiss as both head home from Los Angeles in separate cars. Rebecca is positively thrilled and immediately heads to Paula’s house to celebrate. But when Rebecca doesn’t hear from Josh after a little while she tells Paula she should call or text him. Paula advises against it, telling her that she needs to wait until Josh comes to her.

Riddled with Guilt. Josh, meanwhile, is feeling pretty low about the kiss himself and seeks help from his priest friend, who suggests that he confess his sin to Valencia and ask for her forgiveness. But instead of heading to his girlfriend (who will likely not forgive him), he visits Rebecca to discuss the kiss and how they should proceed.

Escaping to Hawaii. Whatever happens between Valencia and Josh, all Rebecca knows is that Josh will soon be heading to Hawaii for a friend’s surf competition. Rebecca seems unsure about the future, but Paula tells her that her next step has to be following Josh to Hawaii and making the “grand gesture”.

New York Dough. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s big plan to head to Hawaii runs into a big snag: now that she’s no longer making New York money (and overspending since she arrived in town), she’s broke. The situation is pretty dire, what with her leased car being repossessed when she hadn’t paid what she owed. As it turns out, Rebecca is completely useless when it comes to money.

The Key to the City. As Rebecca deals with relationship and financial woes, the story about the water company has gained momentum and she’s being hailed as a local hero, with the mayor of West Covina showing up to give her the key to the city. Unfortunately for Rebecca, it doesn’t come with a cash prize.

Another Aftermath of the Kiss. Greg isn’t having the best day either. When he had gone to LA to confess his love for Rebecca, he had caught her and Josh kissing, thereby dashing his own dreams. And now he’s got to work with Heather, who had broken up with him so that he could be with Rebecca. Will their work relationship be frosty now that their personal relationship is over? It’s definitely awkward and Heather is trying to downplay what it meant, which seems to affect Greg as well.

Coming Out. Daryl, meanwhile, is not trying to hide his newly discovered bisexuality any longer and tells all of his coworkers that he’s bi. But there’s clearly a world of difference between Daryl and White Josh, who seems a bit too casual to fit into Daryl’s upper-middle-class world.

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