CASTLE Recap: Missing Time


It was a very Castle-centric episode of CASTLE this week, as Alexis, Haylee and Rick made their way to LA to try and discover more about the 18 months that Castle can’t remember. However, as usual, Castle discovers a mystery on the side.

A body was found in a cemetery and, after being invited to secret, underground, best-of-the-best detective agency (The Greatest Detective Society), Castle must compete with a young private eye (Summer Glao guest starring as Kendal) for a spot at the table because whoever solves the mystery gets a spot. So they track down Philip’s last known location, but on their way Castle gets a flash of the Chinese restaurant that he visited during his last stay in LA. And this is where Castle buys back a watch that he apparently used to pay for his meal last time. 

Moving on, they make it to the film company where the victim was working undercover, as part of the Greatest Detective Society, and Castle runs into the executive producer who ruined his Heat Wave franchise by butchering the movies. They do, however, gain vital information (thanks to Lanie back in New York) about the murder weapon and trace it (with some help and a bit of double crossing from Kendal) to a house of one of the company’s directors. Unfortunately, the blade comes back clean and they need to find one of the other four knives that were produced that match the wounds.

Back in New York, Espo and Ryan are helping by talking to the victim’s sister (in between pranks on Lanie with fake background checks on her new boyfriend) and realizing that he was working on a serial killer case; one where on each coast victims are found with missing body parts, making the murderer very hard to track due to the varying types of victims and the physical distance between crimes. Soon, however, they realize that the work of what they thought to be one serial killer is actually the work of two men working together. They catch the east coast half of the murdering duo, and find with him a script with some very distinct hand-writing.

Back in LA, Castle recognizes the writing as none other than the same executive who ruined the Niki Heat franchise. Placing him under arrest and, therefore, being welcomed into the GDS, Castle graciously turns down the prized position, saying that he already works with the best detective back in New York, and they should give the position to Kendal.

But that’s not all, because the real drama of the episode came from Castle and Alexis trying to piece together what happened 18 months ago. When they see a connection to a dangerous man (an ex-marine), Alexis goes to check it out and discovers that Haylee was connected to the man as well. They go back to the hotel where Haylee explains to Castle that he asked her to keep track of him, lie to him if he ever asked about his memories, and to ensure that he doesn’t go looking for answers because (according to him) it’s too dangerous. When that doesn’t work and he still wants to go looking for answers, Haylee shows him a video of himself from the day he got shot. Past-Castle tells Present Day-Castle that he knows about Locksat but that any further investigating will lead, undoubtedly, to Beckett’s death.

With this new discovery, Castle makes a frightening realization: that the members of Beckett’s D.C. team were killed because he knew about Locksat and did nothing to stop it.

What will Castle do in light of this new information? Check out an all new CASTLE to find out on Monday March 14 at 10 PM ET/PT on ABC!

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