OF KINGS AND PROPHETS Preview: Biblical Conflict

of kings and prophets

Picture Westeros, but in biblical times. OF KINGS AND PROPHETS is about a struggle for a throne. Only the Israelites aren’t concerned with magical dragons. They’re concerned about their ancient enemies: the Philistines.

King Saul grows tired of defending his Kingdom from the Philistines after so many years of war. In the hopes of unifying the twelve Israelite tribes, he’s marrying his daughter, Merav, to Mattiyahu of Judah.

But in the midst of the wedding preparations, the prophet Samuel tells Saul that he has a message from God: Saul must destroy the Amalekites, another of Israel’s ancient enemies. Saul’s wife insists the Amalekites don’t need to be bothered with right now and Saul’s weariness of war eventually leads him to challenge Samuel’s orders. This sets in motion of a series of events that will threaten Saul’s rule of his own Kingdom.

Meanwhile, out in a village, the shepherd David wants to settle his family’s debts with the tax collector. With a lion killing his flock, he cannot pay his taxes. And so he travels to the King’s palace with a bold claim: he will kill the lion and his debts will be forgiven. Queen Ahinoam doesn’t believe David can do it, but her daughter, Michal, seems convinced that there’s a hero buried in David.

OF KINGS AND PROPHETS premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.o

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