THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON Teasers: Losing Control

oj simpson

Marcia Clark is unraveling. We open this week’s THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON in divorce court, where Marcia is seeking more child support from her ex. Forgetting her place, she interjects and is chastised by the judge for failing to follow protocol. Later, her ex is pursuing primary custody until her OJ trial is done.

In Judge Ito’s courtroom, the trail awaits her late arrival. At home, her clothing choices are criticized all over the evening news. At work, her boss offers to put her in touch with some media consultants.

Johnnie, meanwhile, is still obsessed with telling the jury a compelling story. And right now an enormous part of that story concerns the police officers who investigated the crime. Suddenly their behaviour is on trial and they’re admitting to shady practices concerning the chain of custody regarding evidence. At this point even Marcia is worried. And then the defense throws the prosecution for a loop when they insist on calling a defense witness early — right in the middle of the prosecution’s case.

Finally, enter Mark Fuhrman. Marcia seems convinced that he’s one of the few detectives whose handling of the case is unimpeachable. But the defense doesn’t care about that. They’re just interested in proving that he’s racist. And this is Lee Bailey’s time to shine.

Don’t miss an all new episode of THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON tonight (March 8) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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