SCANDAL Teasers: Scheming, Trysts and the Secret Service


Olivia and the team take on some Secret Service agents as clients in this week’s SCANDAL. Meanwhile, Cyrus continues his plan to manipulate Vargas into becoming a presidential candidate, Susan Ross debates getting Fitz’s endorsement, and Fitz is enjoying life as a single man. Here are some teasers about this week’s SCANDAL.

Unofficially. Liv continues to make it clear to Mellie that she can’t run her campaign publicly…but that doesn’t mean she can’t give her some advice behind closed doors. Case in point: Mellie wants to know how to handle running against Susan Ross. The solution? To get Fitz to endorse Mellie. Or, more specifically, to ensure that he *doesn’t* endorse Susan. Naturally, you can imagine how likely Mellie thinks that will be. Then there’s David and Elizabeth, who keep trying to encourage Susan to seek the President’s endorsement in order to get ahead in the campaign.

Dalliance. Fitz is enjoying the single life and he’s even willing to let Abby protect his reputation and his image as he….entertains women in the White House Residence.

New Candidate. Cyrus is lunching with the Governor of the hour — Vargas — who seems curious as to why Cyrus is out with a Democrat. Cyrus insists he’s just dining with an American hero, but it’s clear that he’s carefully laying the groundwork to become Vargas’ confidante. But Vargas is a tough nut to crack and, shockingly, he seems to have a great deal of integrity. He’s definitely not Fitz 2.0…or is it just too early for that? We’ll have to wait and see. But oh, the political machinations happening in anticipation of the coming election. It’s delicious.

A Little Out of Hand. Abby’s going to reach out for Liv and her former co-workers’ help when she gets word that something unseemly happened during a private party with Secret Service members. The problem? A woman is dead. Cue the gladiators and their amazing ability to solve even the messiest of problems.

Obsessed. In between advising Mellie and working, Liv is also following Jake and his new girlfriend around. Although, this time she’s bringing Abby along for the ride. Liv insists she can’t figure out the angle here, but Abby wonders if there’s no angle at all — maybe Jake just genuinely likes this woman.

Together Again. All of the subterfuge, dalliances and political machinations lead to a momentous scene: a reunion between Fitz and Liv. Well, a meeting between them. And a lot of issues are brought to the forefront during this talk.

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