PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: I. Marlene King Reveals Four Teasers for Season 7

pretty little liars

(Warning: spoilers are coming…)

Following the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS season 6 finale (read the recap), creator I. Marlene King took to Facebook to confirm that Mary Drake is Charlotte’s biological mother and is Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin (although that was pretty obvious to everyone since Andrea Parker played both roles). The Executive Producer also offered up four teasers for season 7:

(1) This it the beginning of the end of PLL “as you know it”. Marlene King has promised that next season will have a reveal “almost every week/episode”.

(2) “A. D. is Uber A”, Marlene confirmed.

(3) Season 7 will be “the most romantic season ever of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS”.

(4) The PLLs will “make their biggest mistake of their lives and Uber A is going to use it to fuel A’s final, final game”. Yikes!

Check out Marlene’s video below. PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return this summer on Freeform.

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