PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Winter Finale Recap: A Plan to Expose Uber A

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Hanna made a bold play in the winter finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, confessing to Charlotte’s murder in an effort to trap and expose Uber A. We opened this week just moments where the penultimate episode ended and Uber A responded to Hanna’s texts, telling her not to go to the police. This would be between the two of them. When Hanna asked for one more day, Uber A warned her that it would be her last.

Ali had returned home to Rosewood and encouraged Elliott to head out to his conference, leaving her alone (and vulnerable). Spencer, meanwhile, was showing Toby the Radley plans and they had roped him in in an attempt to figure out what Sara Harvey was trying to find in the former sanitarium. Despite Spencer’s protests to the contrary, he was determined that the two of them would find a way in to the secret room together the next day after the election.

Ezra seemed to be having some sort of breakthrough when he confessed to Aria that he had admitted to himself he would never see Nicole again. Over at the DiLaurentis house, Alison weirdly heard her music box playing in an otherwise empty room while she saw a flash of her dead mother. Who then called her to creepily ask her daughter “did you miss me?” Later, Ali invited Emily over to tell her what she had seen, but both girls wondered if the visions were just a result of the pain killers.

Over at the Hastings house, the campaign team was gearing up for the election when Mona stopped by and offered to help. Naturally, Spencer was suspicious. But she eventually handed over a phone for Mona to make some calls to voters. As Caleb and Hanna prepared their trap for Uber A, Toby told Yvonne he couldn’t make the post-election party because he had to help Spencer — naturally, Yvonne wasn’t happy about that.

An old romance was rekindled when Ezra told Aria that their editor loved their booked and the pair kissed…then jumped into bed with each other. And Hanna told Caleb that she had never stopped loving him, leading to a kiss between the pair.

Ali, meanwhile, continued to have strange visions. Next she dreamt that Det. Wilden was in bed with her (creepy!) and continued to see visions of her dead mother. She soon disappeared on Emily, who had just stepped out to vote. As it turns out, she had headed for the church where Charlotte was killed. We soon saw Ali shaking and crying inside the church, which is where Emily found her. “I deserve it, this is my punishment,” Ali said of the ghosts she believed were haunting her. She then headed to a psych hospital to freely commit herself, insisting that she needed help. While Emily suggested they wait until Elliott returned home, Ali believed she was doing the right thing.

Deep in the bowels of Radley, Toby dug out his tools and he and Spencer got to work to get into the secret room. But they were soon interrupted by Mona, who eventually went into the room with them. In there they found a file for a patient named Mary Drake, who was at Radley 25 years ago. She had a child named Charles who was adopted by Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. So….Charlotte was adopted and she was basically the same age as Jensen. But who is Mary Drake? And did she go to such great lengths to hide this file?

Back at the Lost Woods Resort, Hanna texted Uber A and laid the trap. Uber A lured the others away from the cabin as Uber A took Hanna via a secret floor hole. As the Hastings celebrated Veronica’s election win, Spencer got word of Hanna’s disappearance. She grabbed Toby (while Mona followed) and they all gathered at the cabin. As they went through the security footage they spotted a long-haired woman on the screen (who looked like Mrs. D — to us and to them). And then Uber A texted the girls to say thanks for handing over Hanna and signed their text “A.D.” Soon after, we saw Hanna’s body getting dragged to the top of the church bell tower.

Then we got a crazy reveal: Mary Drake was Jessica DiLaurentis’ twin and Mary is definitely alive! She is also working with Elliott, who was apparently the only man Charlotte/Charles ever truly loved (and who now controls 51% of the Carissimi Group thanks to some papers Ali signed). He had befriended and married Alison, dressed up as Wilden and worked with Mary to convince Ali she was going crazy so that she would commit herself.┬áRemember how Charlotte/Charles used to be named CeCe Drake? That makes more sense now, doesn’t it?

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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return with all new episodes this summer on Freeform.

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