THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON Preview: A Question of Conspiracy

oj simpson

We begin this week’s THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON with a master class in courtroom antics. A Harvard professor is celebrating Johnnie Cochran’s performance, which he and his students are watching on TV. And you’ll see an interesting scene about how what’s happening in the courtroom can be affected in real-time.

Johnnie’s performance is also leading Chris Darden to a bitter realization: the defense is “winning” because they keep coming up with big moments and conspiracy theories. Ergo, in order to level the playing field, the prosecution needs to come up with a few big “gotcha!” moments of their own to keep the interest of the jury.

Cue the police offices going through Nicole’s old possessions and finding a receipt for the gloves found at the scene. Marcia and the prosecution fully believe that “the gloves are our conviction” and they think they’ve found the smoking gun. Soon enough, debate rages on both the prosecution and defense side as to whether OJ should actually try on the gloves in court. One of the prosecutors is very much against it, but if you know OJ trial history then you know how this is all going to turn out.

Meanwhile, there’s still in-fighting on the defense side. Shapiro shows up wearing an LAPD solidarity pin as he’s warned about the dangers of alleging an LAPD conspiracy in this case. And Johnnie’s own past misdeeds are coming to light, leaving Johnnie convinced that the DA or Shapiro are guilty of smearing his name.

Finally, Robert Kardashian is the only one asking a very important question: if OJ didn’t commit the murders, then who did? And why aren’t the police looking for other suspects? All of this leaves viewers to wonder if the Juice’s biggest supporter doubting his friend.

Don’t miss an all new episode of THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON tonight (March 15) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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