PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Andrea Parker Returns to Season 7 as a Series Regular

pretty little liars

The season 6 finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS delivered up quite the twist: Andrea Parker (Jessica DiLaurentis) had returned….only she wasn’t Jessica anymore, she was actually Jessica’s previously unknown twin, Mark Drake. And Mark was also the biological mother of Charles/CeCe/Charlotte, who had given her then-son up for adoption to her sister and Jessica’s husband while she was in Radley. Not only that, but it was revealed that Mark was working with Dr. Elliott Rollins to drive Alison crazy and have her commit herself to a mental institution so that the pair could get revenge for Charlotte and take over control of the Carissimi Group.

Whew. It was a pretty big finale. Given what happened, it should come as no surprise that Freeform has confirmed that actress Andrea Parker will be returning to season 7 as a series regular and will be playing Mary Drake for the foreseeable future. Executive Producer Marlene King appeared with Parker in a post-finale Facebook video and shared a few teasers for the upcoming season.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS will return this summer on Freeform.

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