Tonight on BILLIONS: A Disappearance


There’s going to be a lot of fallout on this week’s BILLIONS. After the truth of what Axe did after 9/11 came to light in last week’s episode, the public backlash will be big. Axe is “under siege”, for lack of a better term. There will be public demonstrations, fleeing investors and even insurrection inside Axe Capital. Lara has to deal with her own family and the brotherhood of firefighters who are angry about what Axe did and she wonders if they should temporarily move away until the hatred dies down. But Axe believes they should simply stand their ground. All of this eventually leads Lara to make a painful sacrifice.

Meanwhile the state’s informant has gone missing and Chuck, Connerty and the FBI start a manhunt to try and track him down. Wendy is also going to be suspicious about her husband’s insistence that he has given up the Axe case.

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