Tonight on BLINDSPOT: A Profusion of Twists and Turns


The winter season return of BLINDSPOT has seen a profusion of interesting twists and turns.

When we left at the end of last fall, we were told that everything that had happened to Jane Doe – her tattoos, shooting her up with a large dose of a drug to eliminate her memory, placing her in the middle of Times Square, setting her up to work with the FBI and in particular with special agent Weller – was done at her own instigation.

Now this winter, Jane has been meeting with Oscar, who in the quirky flashbacks of her memory she associates with a personal relationship. And he has told her this has all been her plan. He has even shown her videos of her saying she did this to herself.

Last week, Oscar told her that her plan is ready to move forward. Only, Jane doesn’t believe Oscar.

This week in an episode titled “Rules in Defiance,” Oscar alerts Jane to two tattoos that are time sensitive for the FBI to act on in her plan. But Jane is reluctant to act, and considering her loyalty to her colleagues in the FBI, and the dangers from the recent internal affairs investigations centered around the death of CIA Assistant Director Carter and an internal mole, Jane now considers leaving the FBI. She even feigns illness in an act of avoidance. But complicating her decision is an anonymous tip that leads the team to investigate an urgent death  row case, ultimately sending Zapata undercover.

Everything Jane Doe has recently seen, has been able to recall, tells her this is her plan. Everything Oscar tells her is that the FBI are the bad guys. Yet, everything that Jane has experienced tells her this is wrong — that Weller, Zapata, and the others are her friends and not her enemies. The season of twists and turns continues! What will Jane Doe do?

See how Jane copes with her uncertainty on BLINDSPOT tonight (March 21) at 10:00 p.m. on NBC.

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