SUPERGIRL Sneak Peeks: My Two Dads…Hot! Hot! Hot!

Supergirl photo s1e17 Manhunter

Last week, SUPERGIRL became the most hated hero in National City by committing some unspeakable acts while under the influence of Red Kryptonite.

As a K-infected Kara (Melissa Benoist) attacked Alex, Hank Henshaw was forced to morph into Martian Manhunter, J’onn J’onzz, to save the two women he considers his “surrogate daughters.”

Captured on video by the public and apprehended by authorities, the Green Martian now is imprisoned in the same DEO facility that he used to run.   J’onn told Alex (Chyler Leigh) that he would spend 1000 years in the cell if he knew that would keep her and Kara safe.

The reason that J’onn (David Harewood) goes to such extremes to protect the Danvers sisters, and the beginning of his past friendship with Jeremiah Danvers, gets further examination tonight in the episode, “Manhunter.”

Returning to the canvas as the Danvers sisters’ dad is the fabulous Dean Cain.  Cain, who played Superman on LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, returns as Jeremiah, Alex’s father and Kara’s adoptive Earth-father.

The episode will flash back to how the real Hank Henshaw was killed in the jungle, J’onn’s fear of fire, and how the Martian Manhunter assumed Hank’s identity.  Why did J’onn promise Jeremiah always to protect the Danvers sisters?

NOTE TO PRODUCERS:  Please find a way to “un-kill” Jeremiah.  Dean Cain is regarded by many as the best Clark Kent/Superman and his great grin and sex appeal have not faded with age.  We need more Dean Cain!

And now back to our regularly-scheduled sneak peek…

The Martian Manhunter and former Superman will not be the only heroes on the slate tonight.  Guest star Eddie McClintock makes his debut as Col. James Harper.  Harper’s alter-ego in print is The Guardian, a DC Comics character since 1942.

The Guardian has had a few incarnations (and at one time was thought to be the codename that would be given to John Diggle on ARROW).

In his different versions, Guardian has been a vigilante, a clone and a cop.  He generally is exceptional at combat, gymnastics, enhanced strength and reflexes, accelerated healing and a few toys that might make the Caped Crusader jealous. (Think Batman meets Captain America.)

Whatever amalgam of the versions meets up with SUPERGIRL tonight, Jim Harper now has been promoted to USMC Col. James Harper, which could bring a whole different look to the character.  Is Harper a hero no more?

He arrives on-scene with Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum), newly unengaged from James Olsen over his relationship with SUPERGIRL.  Lucy has returned to the Army and is on a joint task force with Harper to investigate J’onn and the DEO.  Is she out to “get” SUPERGIRL, thinking that James is in love with the Girl of Steel?

Will the rift between Kara and James (Mehcad Brooks) grow wider, now that he and Lucy have called it quits?  Will the relationship between Kara and Cat (Calista Flockhart) become stronger?  And will SUPERGIRL be able to save her floundering public image?

What about snippy Siobhan (guest star Italia Ricci)?  Still involved with Winn (Jeremy Jordan), will she come between him and Kara?  Kara’s personality change last week finally shut down the backstabbing Assistant #1.  It seems that Siobhan cannot get a job anywhere thanks to Kara-on-Red-Kryptonite.

An angry Siobhan is not to be trusted and Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) help may be needed for Kara to fight Siobhan aka Silver Banshee and a returning Livewire (Brit Morgan) in the first SUPERGIRL/THE FLASH crossover episode next week!

Other guest stars on “Manhunter” are Briana Venskus, Jay Jackson, Malina Weissman, Jordan Mazarati, Daniel Josev, Vincent Giovanni, Maisie Klompus, Angela Martinez, Mackenzie Brooke Smith and Jaiden Jiron.

There may be an Easter Egg in the guest star credits tonight…Zayne Emory is slated to play “Rick Malverne.”  Back in the early days of SUPERGIRL comics, Richard “Dick” Malverne grew up in the same orphanage as SUPERGIRL (then named Linda Lee before being adopted by the Danvers).

Linda and Malverne dated for awhile, and he always suspected that she was SUPERGIRL, but never was able to prove it.  Rumor has it that Kara is considering revealing her secret identity to another person…could it be Rick?  Or Lucy?  Or Cat?  Or someone completely different?

Tonight’s episode of SUPERGIRL was written by Derek Simon (story), Cindy Lichtman and Rachel Shukert (teleplay) and was directed by Chris Fisher.

SUPERGIRL airs tonight (March 21) at 8:00 pm ET/PT on CBS in the United States and on Global TV in Canada, and check later this week for any updates on the SUPERGIRL/THE FLASH crossover.

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