FRESH OFF THE BOAT Sneak Peek: Bossy Jessica

fresh off the boat

This week’s FRESH OFF THE BOAT sneak peek is all about Jessica — mostly her flaws. The first scene below is her verbally attacking another woman in the car for not “zippering” the right way in the line of cars. Of course, because it is Jessica, her antics are more hilarious than scary and though she wants to fight the “idiot” behind the wheel, she probably wouldn’t really do it…right?

When we next see her, she’s fretting over Evan’s new character trait of “bossy”. She really doesn’t know where he could possibly get it from. It isn’t until she bosses her neighbor around about the proper way to make a sandwich that it finally clicks — she is the bossy one Evan has been learning from.

Elsewhere in the episode, Louis and Eddie are busy perfecting their secret family recipe for the North Orlando Chili Cook-Off.

Catch an all new FRESH OFF THE BOAT tonight (March 22) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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