THE FLASH Recap: Zoom’s Secret Is Out

the flash

Well, the cat is out of the bag.

In tonight’s THE FLASH, things got super intense and dangerous pretty fast. Barry has been training nonstop to increase his speed and that has been running the team to the ground. They are all stressed out and exhausted, so when Cisco suggests a night out on the town, Barry reluctantly agrees.

Jesse begs her father to go with them and Harry agrees to let her go, with the condition that she will take a tracker with her, so he knows where she is. Jesse is not exactly happy about that arrangement, but agrees nonetheless. When they’re at the club, the tracker keeps beeping, so she excuses herself to try and get rid of the thing. Except when she finally pries it open, she hears an audio recording of her father, saying that he was capable of anything to find her and keep her safe, even killing a man.

While Jesse is in the bathroom getting the shock of her life, the rest of Team Flash is having fun. Cisco is the life and soul of the party and has some pretty awesome dance moves, but their night is interrupted by a speedster, who crashes into the place, steals everyone’s belongings and leaves the place completely trashed. Barry tries to catch the speedster, but it seems like this metahuman is even faster than our Barry.

Everyone immediately assumes the Flash is the culprit and the media is quick to blame him, including Iris’ new boss. He wants her to write a piece about how the Flash is a fraud and has gone rogue in Central City. Iris obviously doesn’t want to write anything like that about Barry, so she tries to stall by inviting him out for a coffee. The thing is, he gets the wrong idea and thinks it’s a date and when she says that’s not what she had in mind, he leaves.

Meanwhile, Team Flash is trying to figure out who the new speedster is and they eventually zoom in on Eliza, a friend of Caitlin’s, who had helped her out with Velocity 9. At the same time, Barry finds out about the existence of V9 and its potential, and is completely pissed off that no one told him about something that could potentially help him reach the speed he needs to defeat Zoom. Harry and Caitlin try to reason with him, telling him about the major risks V9 presents, but he won’t hear any of it. They eventually get through to him, but not to Eliza – or Trajectory as she introduces herself – who is completely addicted to V9 at that point.

She destroys a bridge in Central City, endangering hundreds of lives, and, when she takes one last shot of V9, she basically disentegrates in a sweet shot of CGI. Before she vanishes, however, her lightning turns blue, just like Zoom’s. Barry immediately makes the connection and their minds immediately jump to Jay, but they refuse to believe it. After all, they all saw him die. That is, until Cisco reveals he has been getting Zoom vibes for days, every time he is in the lab, near Jay’s helmet. So when Barry asks him to vibe again because they need to know, they get the shock of their lives to find out that Zoom is Jay. Possibly from the future? I don’t know. Can someone please explain how Zoom and our Jay can be at the same place, at the same time?

While all that was happening, Jesse confronted her dad about what she heard in the tracking device and, well… to say she’s disappointed in him would be the understatement of the year. When Trajectory burst into Star Labs, craving more V9, Harry was quick to make her more, as long as she didn’t hurt Jesse. Before the speedster left with the drug, though, she shot Jesse with some Velocity 9, nearly killing her. He and Caitlin act quick and manage to stabilize her, but it does make me wonder if this is how she is going to become Jesse Quick.

That was a lot of information in too short a period, right? My head is still spinning.

What were your thoughts?

A new episode of THE FLASH airs on March 29 at 8/7c on The CW.


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