THE FLASH Sneak Peek: There’s A New Speedster in Town

the flash

It looks like Barry will have to face yet another speedster, but this time – it’s a girl. What is with these speedsters and red, anyway?

THE FLASH returns tonight with an action packed episode after a month long hiatus. In “Trajectory”, the team is tired of living life on the fast lane – no pun intended – and decides that they could definitely use a night out. It turns out, though, that a new speedster is in town and she wants the Velocity 9 Caitlin came up with. At any cost.

Meanwhile, Iris is struggling with a new assignment at work, with her new boss (guest star Tone Bell) breathing down her neck and being a general pain in the ass. However, things get from conflict to flirtation real fast and it looks like Iris is about to get some romance in her life.

Check out the sneak peeks below and stay tuned to the last five minutes of the show tonight. It looks like things are going to get even more intense.

THE FLASH returns tonight (March 22) at 8/7c on The CW (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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