THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON Preview: We, the Jury….

jury box

It’s day 124 of the trial on this week’s episode of THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON and the jurors are not happy. The guards they’ve become friendly with are being rotated out and newer, stricter guards are being brought in. Basically, these people have dedicated eight months of their lives to this trial and they feel like prisoners.

Then we flashback to eight months before, when the wide-eyed jurors are happily checking in to the beautiful Intercontinental hotel and getting to know one another. But soon enough the mood turns sour when they realize they can’t go into the pool area, their reading material must be approved and their TVs have been removed. And then some of the jurors are being dismissed, which annoys the defence because they’re the jurors that they’re counting on. Soon, it’s like musical chairs with the jurors as they get dismissed one after another.

Back in the present day, both sides are reacting to the recent glove performance in court. The defence is thrilled with how everything went down, while Marcia and Chris are being chewed out by their boss. Marcia insists that they still have the DNA evidence but — this being the 1990s and DNA being relatively new — the DA insists that no one really understands the forensic evidence. But they sure as heck understand a glove not fitting.

It seems the DA was on to something because the DNA expert is testifying about the science behind DNA testing and Marcia knows she’s losing the jury, so she struggles to get the expert on point. And when he makes his point it is, indeed, damning. Especially to Robert Kardashian, who cannot comprehend how all of the evidence points only to OJ if, as his friend insists, he didn’t do it. But one of the lawyers on the defence side is determined to prove to the court — and to Robert — that the forensic evidence was tainted and cannot be trusted.

Elsewhere in the episode, OJ tries to convince his lawyers that he should take the stand in his own defence.

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