OUTLANDER: Meet the Key Players in Season 2


When we last saw Claire and Jamie Fraser in the season 1 finale of OUTLANDER, the pair were sailing off to France to begin a new chapter in their lives (and a new book in the corresponding “Outlander” series). After spending the first season with the Scottish and the English, we’re about to meet the members of the French court in the upcoming season, as Claire and Jamie try to prevent the Jacobite rebellion led by Prince Charles Stuart and stop the battle of Culloden. With the help of Jamie’s cousin, Jared, the pair will be thrust into the lavish world of French high society.

Below are the main characters you’ll see in season 2. OUTLANDER returns for its second season on April 9 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

1 clarie

Claire Fraser (formerly: Claire Randall). A pregnant Claire arrives in France with her husband, Jamie, as season 2 begins. “Her new mission – infiltrate the Jacobite movement and prevent the infamous battle of Culloden. The strong-minded Claire is determined to alter the course of history and save not only the Highlander people she’s come to love – but to secure a future for the child she now carries.”

As the season begins, “Claire’s in an interesting position. It’s her idea to change the course of history, and her plan to get inside the rebellion and subvert it from within by pretending to be supporters,” Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore explains. “Jamie is dubious. It’s not a very honorable path. They’ll have to lie to everyone that they know and lie to people who support a cause that Jamie would actually naturally want to support. Claire says, ‘Look, the stakes are enormous. We’re talking about tens of thousands of lives. We’re talking about the future of the entire Scottish culture, as well as Jamie’s own family.’”

“But Claire finds the deception harder than she thought. As time goes on, she finds that the lies pile on top of one another, and the atmosphere of corruption and backbiting and double-dealing in Paris begins to infect their own relationship, and they get to a place where they do have to ask: who are we becoming? And is it worth it? And ultimately, are the stakes so high that even if we sacrifice our own souls in service of this cause, is that a fair price to pay?”

2 jamie

Jamie Fraser. After a violent past in Scotland, Jamie is establishing a new life in Scotland with his wife and they have one mission: to stop Prince Charles and the rebellion. “To do so, Jamie must transform himself from rugged Highlander to Parisian wine merchant as he navigates high society including the court of King Louis XV. ”

3 frank

Frank Randall / Captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall. While Claire has disappeared from her time, her loving husband Frank is still desperate to bring her home and he is “willing to stretch the realm of scientific possibilities in order to find his missing wife”. Back in the past, we last saw Black Jack Randall be trampled by a stampede after capturing and raping Jamie in Wentworth Prison, who was subsequently rescued by Claire. Now we’re warned “Randall has an unhealthy obsession with Jamie, who manages to run afoul of him more than once during the series – a dark, twisted game of cat and mouse.”

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