CHICAGO MED Sneak Peek: Halstead’s Next Move

chicago med

After a bit of a break, CHICAGO MED is back and getting further into Halstead’s legal drama, as another member runs into their own legal issues and a few patients become a cause for concern for some doctors.

The fallout after Dr. Halstead’s decision to ignore Mrs. Baker’s Do Not Resuscitate Order continues as he comes up against the hospital’s lawyers when it comes to strategy. As they prepare him for his testimony, Halstead seems to be a bit reluctant about what the attorney wants him to say as the possibility of implicating Mrs. Baker’s husband becomes a likely option.

Halstead is not the only CHICAGO MED staff member dealing with legal issues. Nurse Lockwood finds herself arrested after refusing to violate hospital policy by drawing blood from a patient without their consent.

Elsewhere throughout the hospital, Dr. Manning and Goodwin become concerned when a mother comes in with her child who has some questionable injuries while Dr. Charles and Reese get assigned a patient that comes in after being hit by a car.

CHICAGO MED returns with all new episodes on March 30 at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

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