SCANDAL: Watch Mellie Grant’s Campaign Commercial


There’s an election heating up on SCANDAL. Vying for the Republication nomination is Vice President Susan Ross, Senator Mellie Grant and businessman Hollis Doyle (SCANDAL’s version of Donald Trump).

Mellie has Olivia managing her campaign behind the scenes and she’s attempting to make Mellie a “woman of the people” after focus groups concluded that Mellie was too snotty and a know-it-all. Unfortunately, that plan backfired spectacularly in the last episode. But now Olivia has decided to let Mellie be herself.

ABC put together a mock campaign commercial for Mellie, which stresses her recent filibuster for Planned Parenthood funding (a spectacular showing of her character, if I do say so myself), and her caring nature.

A new episode of SCANDAL will air on March 31 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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