THE BLACKLIST: “Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier” Book Released

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Fans of THE BLACKLIST know the importance of a thorough dossier and “The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier” is a newly released book by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry (Titan Books) that will expand upon the universe from the show.

Presented in a file/dossier format, much in the style of “Fringe: September’s Notebook”, the book is a who’s who of the characters from the first two and a half seasons of the show. Containing redacted files, photos, and handwritten notes from “Elizabeth Keen” herself, the book is divided into several sections: a short one on Red Reddington, as well as longer sections about the FBI, The Blacklist, The Blacklist “Connections” and, finally, Tom Keen.

The details in each of the sections are thorough and provide welcome backstory. In fact, if you’re struggling to fully understand the Berlin and Cabal storylines (or can’t keep track of all of Red’s business associates), this book has illustrated sections that appear as crime boards that map out the connections between the various players.

Lizzie’s commentary is sprinkled throughout the pages, detailing her thoughts on the characters she has interacted with as well as unanswered questions she has. If you’re the kind of fan with an eye for details, you may also spot close ups of things that only get a cursory showing on your TV screen. For example, you can delve more deeply into lab reports, crime scene photos or suspect profiles. You’ll also spot a manilla envelope with a familiar symbol tucked away in the back.

All in all, “The Blacklist: Elizabeth Keen’s Dossier” is a welcome addition to THE BLACKLIST universe and should thrill any fan of the show. You can pick up your copy today on Amazon and check out some awesome photos from the book below.

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