THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON Preview: The Smoking Gun

oj simpson

The smoking gun on this week’s THE PEOPLE VS OJ SIMPSON isn’t a gun at all. It’s an audio tape. Actually, it’s a series of tapes, featuring Mark Fuhrman. If you know your OJ history, you know where this is going. If you don’t, then prepare yourself, because the “trial of the century” is about to get even more incendiary. But before we get to that, there’s an explosive confrontation between Darden and Johnnie in the courtroom, while Marcia is furious that Darden keeps falling into Johnnie’s traps.

Meanwhile, a young woman who is a wannabe screenwriter is eventually tracked down by one of the defence’s investigators because she is in possession of very inflammatory tapes of Fuhrman. Johnnie wants the tapes, but apparently the woman is more interested in selling her screenplay (based on her interviews with the LAPD) than selling the tapes. Convinced they’re “manna from heaven” and that they will acquit OJ, Johnnie and Lee head to North Carolina with a subpoena for the tapes and the need to convince a judge there to turn them over. Cue Lee, who proves that Johnnie’s flashy LA courtroom theatrics don’t always play well in other venues.

The tapes are shocking. There’s no other way to put it. Not only do they prove that Fuhrman lied about never using a particular racial slur, but there’s a wealth of other damaging information on them that speak to his character and the character of other LAPD officers. And there’s someone Marcia “didn’t see coming” who is mentioned on the tapes that could result in a mistrial. As both sides argue about whether the tapes should be played for the jury in open court and Judge Ito struggles with his personal connection to the tapes, Johnnie does what he does best: riles up the public in order to force the court to allow the tapes into evidence.

And then, in an explosive scene, Darden expresses his utter frustration that Marcia refused to listen to him about how damaging Fuhrman could be to their case, as well as his suspicions that she only ever wanted a “black face” on the team, not his voice. 

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