CHICAGO FIRE Recap: Alderman Elections and Finding a Murderer

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CHICAGO FIRE finally returns after the long winter hiatus, and it came back strong! Casey’s new career as Alderman is on the line, Stella tries to help her ex-husband get back on his feet, and Firehouse 51 deals with a murder.

Yes, you read that correctly, a murder. A skeleton is found in the chimney of a house 51 is called in to check out, and when the coroner declares that the young child’s neck was snapped, it is not good news for anyone. However, something on the body catches Severide’s eye. It is a necklace, which ordinarily wouldn’t mean much.

But this particular necklace belonged to a young girl of the same age who went missing in his uncle’s hometown. He believes that the body they found is Courtney and he refuses to back down even in the face of doubt from the investigators and his own captain.

While the investigation of the body is happening, Casey is dealing with Alderman drama. With the election only a week away, his opponent has come out with a new dirty tactic: claiming Casey not only won’t have time for the political job (as he will be staying on as Lieutenant at the firehouse) but also that the dual salaries he will be getting is greedy and unfair to tax payers.

But, always the good guy, Casey declares that if elected he will give up the Alderman salary, explaining that he isn’t in it for the money. And that tactic seems to work. Even though he refuses to meet for a last-minute debate, people realize that instead of debating he is saving lives. There is just the briefest moment of tension as the crew gathers around the TV in Molly’s to watch the results, but when Casey gets the call that he won it is celebrations all around.

But it’s not all celebrations for Courtney’s family, because tests confirm that the body is, indeed, young Courtney, and now Severide must inform the mother. He had supported her during Courtney’s original disappearance so he thinks that when he shows up at her house to tell Courtney’s mother and uncle the news will be easier coming from him. But, what he finds at the house is a domestic altercation with the mom’s brother claiming he doesn’t want police involvement. When he yells out that they will think the mother “snapped Courtney’s neck”, it seems like valid reasoning from a concerned brother.

That is, until Severide points out that no one had been informed how Courtney had died. The brother couldn’t have known that information unless he was the killer. A fight breaks out and between Severide and the suspect, but Courtney’s mother quickly knocks her brother unconscious before he is handcuffed by police and driven away.

For a bit of comic relief, Stella tried to get her ex-husband to perform at Herman’s daughter’s 8th birthday party, but when he doesn’t show she is forced to play little kid bartender at “Molly’s Jr.”, specializing in root beer floats. When she confronts her ex, he claims he got the days mixed up. He’s in a bit of a manic state and desperately informs her that he is getting his band back together. With the impression that she has heard this excuse a thousand times, Stella wishes him luck and walks out the door.

I wonder what the fate of these two new characters will be?

To find out catch an all new CHICAGO FIRE on April 5, 2016 on NBC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT!

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