SUPERNATURAL Preview: A Trip Home and a New Plan


Sam and Dean went werewolf hunting on this week’s SUPERNATURAL when some hikers went missing. They found the wolves and the hostages, but Sam ended up being shot by one of the werewolves just before the fight was over. Desperate to save his brother, Dean tried to get himself, Sam and the hostages to safety as the rest of the pack were on their tail. But one of the hostages felt that the injured Sam was slowing them down, so he suffocated and killed him.

Dean temporarily left Sam’s body to get the hostages to safety, but he was tasered by their rescuing Sheriff before making it back to his brother and ended up in a hospital. And that’s when he came up with his plan: he would kill himself in order to save Sam. After he OD-ed on some pills, Billie stopped by to reap Dean. He wanted Sam back and offered himself in his brother’s place, but Billie had some news: Sam wasn’t actually dead. He had woken up and was trying to hide his bleeding and wounded body from the werewolves who were tracking him. Fortunately, Dean was revived by a doctor and Sam (despite losing a copious amount of blood) made his way to the hospital and saved his brother from the other hostage-turned-werewolf, who tried to kill him.

Meanwhile, on the next episode of SUPERNATURAL, Lucifer takes a trip up to Heaven to revisit his old stomping grounds before God cast him down into Hell. We’re guessing the remaining angels won’t be so happy to have him around, but are they strong enough to deal with him? Elsewhere, Crowley calls up the Winchester brothers with some news: he has a way to defeat Amara. And it seems to involve another Hand of God.

Don’t miss an all new episode of¬†SUPERNATURAL¬†airing on April 6 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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