THE ORIGINALS Sneak Peek: Surrounded by Foes

the originals

The Mikaelsons in New Orleans are surrounded by their enemies when THE ORIGINALS returns tonight.

In “Alone With Everybody”, rumors about the remaining white oak bullet begin to spread and Klaus’ enemies start converging on New Orleans to take him down. Elijah is worried about the safety of his family, so he rounds up his siblings (Freya, Kol and Finn) and Davina and holes them up inside the compound, while the Strix stand guard to protect them. Meanwhile, Marcel, Vincent and Josh are chasing down a lead about a mystery vamp named Sofya, who may have the answers they’re looking for.

Inside the compound, things are starting to heat up. Finn and Kol are coming face-to-face again and Kol is furious about Finn, who was responsible for his death.

Elsewhere, Klaus and Hayley are adjusting to life on the run (complete with trucker hats for Klaus, who is clearly not happy about Hayley’s fashion suggestions for him) and seek shelter with her former pack.

A new episode of THE ORIGINALS airs tonight (April 1) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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